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Founded in 1982, AllChem Industries began as a business to supply bulk chemicals to the US swimming pool industry. During the next 13 years, the chemical product line was expanded to include the most commonly used products in the swimming pool and spa markets. Some of these chemicals include isocyanuric acid, trichloroisocyanuric acid, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, calcium hypochlorite, and bromochlorodimethylhydantoin.

Over the past several years, AllChem Industries has restructured itself into several different business groups defined by the chemicals offered and services provided. Our Performance Products Group is an extension of the original core product line upon which AllChem Industries was founded. APP is comprised of a sales and marketing group based in our corporate headquarters located in Gainesville, Florida, while our manufacturing group is based in Corsicana, Texas. Together we are able to provide our customers with quality products and services for the water treatment industry. The development and expansion of the Performance Products Group’s chemicals and services will ensure continued growth and stability as we enter the new millennium.

Our manufacturing facility was established as CFR Packaging in 1997 in Corsicana, Texas. Renamed AllChem Performance Products in 2003, this facility was designed to provide custom packaging, manufacturing, formulating, blending, and compounding of various water treatment products to serve not only existing needs, but also an ever-increasing underserved component of the water treatment industry. APP-Texas is complete with a fully equipped machine shop department to support machinery, some of which is custom-built on-site. This allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of custom packaging, blending, formulating and compounding of various chemicals. In addition, APP-Texas employs hazmat-trained personnel and properly designed storage facilities to handle and store hazardous chemicals used in the water treatment market.

AllChem Performance Products, a division of AllChem Industries, enhances the overall company’s ability to take advantage of our extensive international chemical supply contracts in the United States, Europe, and the Far East. Our customers benefit from the combination of AllChem Performance Products’ extensive years of experience and knowledge in the international chemical markets and the chemical packaging and engineering abilities of our manufacturing facility. Global economics allow us to provide our customers with quality chemicals at competitive pricing packaged under strict quality standards in the United States. New customers searching for quality customized packaging, blending, compounding and formulating services will also benefit from this highly synergistic relationship between the marketing groups’ ability to source and supply water treatment chemicals and the custom packaging abilities of our manufacturing group.

Please refer to and for industrial, commercial, municipal water applications.

Please refer to our product list and contact AllChem Performance Products for further information.

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